Letting You Go

It tears my heart apart every time I miss you. Letting you go is never easy either. I want to be free of this heaviness in my heart and of dreaming of you every single night. The courage to move forward took all of my strength and will to do so. I will do this for myself – I am moving on.

Goodbye Is Painful

Saying goodbye to certain people does not mean we stopped loving them. Sometimes, goodbye is painful way of letting that person know how much we love them.

Stand Up And Move Forward

I want to congratulate you for the decision of moving on. It takes a lot of guts and strength to stand up and move forward.

Embrace The Happiness

Throw the pain and sorrow away and embrace the happiness and hope coming your way.

Healing Takes Time

Pick up the pieces in your own pace. Healing takes time.

Beautifully Moved On

The best revenge you can give the person who broke you is showing how beautifully you have moved on from all the pain he/she has caused you.

To Start Fresh

In every ending there is a beginning and in every beginning is a chance to start fresh.

The Greatest Therapy

The greatest therapy for a broken heart is to indulge yourself in the company of loving friends and family. There is no better cure in the world than love.