Love Blinds

I guess love blinds people well because I did not see all the lying you have been doing to me.

All Their Lies

I do not even get to trust people anymore for I am too busy seeing through all their lies too.

Problem With Love

You want to know what the problem with love is? No one actually knows what it really is.

The Easiest Way

The easiest way to teach someone how to treat you is refuse to give them more opportunities to hurt you.

Appreciate You

Sadly, the only way some people will learn to appreciate you is by losing you.

The Sad Truth

The sad truth is that lying, even just once would destroy everything you worked hard for.

In The End

I find it so much easier than ever to accept you but in the end all you did was wrong to me.

The Bitter Truth

If I were to choose, I would have picked the bitter truth as opposed to those sugary false lies.