My Hope In Love

I am now losing my hope in love, people and humanity. That’s all because someone whom I trust so much broke my heart.

What Hurts More

I don’t know what hurts more, the tears I cried or the fake smiles.

The Pain You Caused

I think the only way for you to realize how much pain you caused me is that you experience exactly what I am going through right now.

Life Is Short

I know life is short and I should be out there somewhere creating a new chapter, so that’s what I am going to do after I let go of the baggage you left.

So far Away

I love you so much that I wanted you to be free. Now, you are so far away.

My Life Became Better

I was sad when you broke up with me. Now that I think of it, my life became better and I am now happy.

Feeling So Much Pain

When I am not talking, it means that I am feeling so much pain and talking might burst into tears so I just kept quiet.

The Phantom Pain

The phantom pain of your sweet embrace continues to haunt me even when I’m asleep.