The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake you could ever make is placing your worth in somebody else’s hands. If you are made to feel that you are not of slightest importance, walk away. You deserve better than that.

Appreciate You

Do not waste your time on people who cannot appreciate you.

Hellos And Goodbyes

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. There will be times that we have to bid farewell to some people in our lives because they are not meant to stay. Keep the good memories in your heart and move on with your head up high.

Life Is Too Short

Don’t close your doors from experiences that will make you happy. Let go of the things that are blocking you from it. Life is too short to be spent miserably.

Start Anew

Don’t try to fix things that are beyond repair. Sometimes, you have to move on and start anew.

A Mutual Commitment

Those who have the intention to stay will not just love you at your best; they will love you even when you are unlovable. It should be a mutual commitment of loving each other through thick and thin. You can’t be the only one doing everything.

Let It Mend

Give your heart a break. Let it breathe and let it mend.

Sadness And Anger

You are blocking yourself from happiness if you hold so much sadness and anger in your heart.