Life Will Go On

I learned that in life you will stumble and fall many times. Whether you stand up or not life will go on. The world still spin, and time will ran out.

Paths Cross

There are some people that are not meant for each other. They are not meant for each other, yet their paths still cross.

Love Is Like A Bird

Love is like a bird, sometimes you need to let it go because maybe you are someone else's bird.

Not all love stories have a happy ending because even the most perfect love story ends.

Someday you will regret that you let me go out of your life.

Evey Thing He Does

How can you say you are special to someone if everything he does for you he also does for others?

The Most Painful Goodbye

The most painful goodbye is when your ears haven't heard it, yet your heart already feels it.

You Need To Let Go

You need to let go to move on. You need to move on for you to get over it.