Tears Are Like Rain

I hope my tears are like the rain, so that if they stop the sun will shine and bring happiness.

Were Are Done

It hurts to know that we are done, The memories we share are now just tears in my eyes. It's just pain I feel every time I see your face. I don’t want to see you, but your face keeps flashing in my mind. I feel so sad, like I’m going to die. I hope the heartache will be over soon, so I can move on.

Out Of Love

That which is done out of love, is beyond wickedness and evil.

Someday, you will miss me, but when that day comes, I won't be missing you anymore.

Before you give up, ask yourself if you can live without him.

Though my heart is breaking I still thank you for the times you made me laugh, for the times you listened to me, and the times you shared your life with me. I hope that you find your happiness even though it's not me. All I want to say is thank you and goodbye.

I know how to cry, because of you. I know how to get hurt, because you hurt me. Do you know what i dont know? How to love someone else and forget you.

I may be hurt because of what you did, but the time will come that you will feel the same.