Mistakes are not bad if you learn from them. You will know what you have lost and learn what you need to value. Be careful though, you don't always get a second chance.

Love if you have moved on and already forgotten. Don't love just to forget.

Playing Games In Love

Don't waste your time playing games in love or the time will come that you will be alone.

Always Remember

Always remember that moving on is not like math that comes with a formula. It is more like the theory of general relativity, you need time and space.

You Deserve More

Don’t cry for someone who hurt you, they’re not worth your tears. Maybe fate didn't give you what you wanted because you deserve better.

Letting Go

Letting go is the bravest thing to do. It’s not easy. It’s hard and painful and it takes a lot of courage.

Who To Blame

Do not blame your heart. It beats to supply blood to the body. Now, if you're good at anatomy and you blame the hypothalamus which controls emotions, you're still wrong! Why? Do you put the blame on body organs. Accept that the heart, brain, liver or intestines are not to blame for all that happened, but yourself and your choices.

I Will Set You Free

I will set you free if it’s not me your heart is beating for. Don’t worry if it’s not me your dreaming of. If there is no love left, Then I will set you free.