Forgetting Is The Best Gift

Sometimes, forgetting is the best gift you can give yourself to let go of your regrets.

My What If

You were my what if, the one who got away, the person I wished could have stayed.

The Best Of Luck

I am afraid of letting go, but we both know it’s for the best. So I wish you the best of luck in life, even if I no longer share it with you.

Another Prince Charming

I will not let broken hearts make me bitter. I will still wait for another prince charming to sweep me off my feet and love me for who I am.

Forget It All

Forget about it all, when the right person comes, it will happen so unexpectedly it will knock you off of your feet.

Already Too Late

People usually do not recognize what is important in their life until it is already too late.

If Things Have Been Different

If things have been different, maybe I would have chosen you and you may have chosen me.

Let Love Fall Into Place

Stay strong and hold on. Do what you do best, be yourself and be happy and just let love fall into place.