The Right Track

Don’t look back, just keep moving forward. You are on the right track.

Be Gracious

Be gracious to yourself and let go of the things that you don’t deserve.

Keep Your Head Up High

Keep your head up high, walk away from things that only brings so much pain in your life and move on.

You Will Understand

Moving on is not easy. But once you do, you will understand someday that it is the best decision you have ever made in your life.

True Strength

True strength is realizing that you deserve better and walking away from things that steps over your worth.

The Old You

The past is only a collection of the old you – the decisions that lead you to who you are today, the mistakes that taught you painful and difficult lessons, the people who came into your life, some of them leaving you scars and you were never the same again. This should never hold you back, but only propel you to push further despite of the weight of a broken heart.

Make Us Stronger

Some people are not meant to stay. Some of them are just meant to teach us invaluable lessons. Thank them for dropping by and let go. They are not supposed to dwell longer in our lives but only meant to make us stronger.

A True Test

A true test of a person’s might is letting go.