I Wanted To Escape

I wanted to escape. I wanted to let go of all the memories, but all I really wanted is for you to go and come after me.

You Are Hurting So Much

It’s hard to keep on smiling when you are hurting so much that you didn’t realize tears are already flowing despite your efforts to smile.

To Fake A Smile

It’s so hard to fake a smile to cover your pain. I just got so used to it because I have to do it each day of my life.

Every Fun Thing

It hurts to see that you are doing every fun thing we ever did together with her now.

Pretending I Am Fine

I cry myself to sleep because that’s the only time I get so real with my emotions and stop pretending I am fine.

My Place In Your Life

It hurts to see her taking my place in your life. That should be me with you, but you let go.

The Pain I Kept Inside

Only people who truly know me will know how much pain I kept inside. I figured, nobody really knew me anyway.

I Remember The Days

I remember the days when we are together and how happy you were. I wonder if you don’t even think about those times.