Unhappy Without You

Life is certainly unhappy without you, but I will keep trying until I am strong enough to fall in love all over again.

My Own Happy Endings

I will not allow this pain to absorb me and miss my chance towards my own happy endings.

I Miss The Times

I miss the times that you spend so much time on me and I was your priority.

What’s Worse

What’s worse than missing someone? It is realizing that they don’t even miss you a bit.

Keep On Living

I will keep crying, I will keep sleeping and keep on living until I am recovered of all the pain you caused me.

Love Hurts

They say love hurts, but it doesn’t kill you. Instead, it makes you stronger. I don’t know if this will make me stronger any further.

Happiness And Sadness

I know love will bring happiness and sadness. What I did not expect is this great amount of pain.

Leave You Heartless

When you give your entire heart for someone, they have the tendency to just play with it or break it. And it will leave you heartless.