All The Way

It’s your smile, your hair, your lips that I miss, and those cute little eyes that look at me and make me think I’m with you all the way.

Be Happy With Me

I love you and it scares me, I don’t want the feeling to disappear, I want you to be happy but I want you to be happy with me.

Love Your Soul

Find someone who will love your soul more than your body.

Be Mine

Baby, you’re my reserved property, and I can’t share with anyone, so be mine.

My Dear Love

My dear love I get jealous, I get upset, I just worry because I love you so much and do not want to lose you.

This Love

The world may be against us, this love, but I will keep on fighting for it, for this, for us.

Truly In Love With You

I just wish that you understand that I am truly in love with you, that I am hoping you would feel the same way that I do.

Imagine Tomorrow

And then all of a sudden, you meet the one person who makes you forget yesterday and imagine tomorrow.