A Lifetime Dream

You’re that “Once in a lifetime dream come true".

The Most Beautiful

I may not look like the person you see and admire in the magazines, but I will make you feel the most beautiful, the most wanted and the most important person in the world.

Once You Fall

Forget about everything you know, once you fall in love, you would not think about anything at all.

Made Of Magic

Anything that escapes your lips is made of nectar, magic and elixir.

My Heart Holds You

Always remember, my hearts hold you when my arms cannot.

Your Precious Love

I could never thank you enough for sharing your precious love to me. You made me feel like I can do anything. You made me feel like I can conquer any challenges ahead of me as long as you are holding my hand. Most of all, I never felt so alive, so happy and so blessed since you came into my life.

No Limit Or Ending

My love for you will know no death, no limit or ending.

Your Whole Life

One day you will find someone you can’t live without and you will wonder how you’ve lived your whole life without him.