Before I Knew It

And before I knew it, before I was even aware of it, I was falling in love with you.

The Happiness I Feel

The happiness that I feel whenever I am with you cannot be only seen by the eyes, but mostly felt by the heart.

All Of Our Memories

All of our memories, our love, and your heart would forever hold a place in my heart and mind. I would keep it not just like a souvenir, but as a missing puzzle piece that would complete my rather incomplete life.

The Only I Think About

You are the only one I think about when I wake up in the morning up until the night I sleep.

I Am The Reason

I am delighted every time I see the smile on your face and know that I am the reason for it.

Find Another You

The moment that I could find another you would also be the moment that I have finished counting the grains of sand on the beach.

I Smile Brighter

When you came into my life, I feel sadness a little less, I am laughing more every day, and I smile brighter.

All The Things

In all the things under the sun that could make me happy, you are the only one who could make me the happiest.