Light In The Darkness

I hope that my love for you will be like the way you have shown light in the darkness for me.

The One

You were my love, the one I would give up everything for, the one I need, the one I want.

Every Time We Touch

Every time we touch, these love for you that I have gets stronger and stronger. Thank you.

Love Is The Answer

Maybe love is the answer or maybe love is not the answer, but I know that my love for you need not be question, I can prove that it is true.

Still Yearns For You

I have waited a long time for you and my love for you has not changed one bit, it still yearns for you.

Go With The Flow

I do not know if I should just go with the flow or ride against it to show my love for you.

The Way I Am

What is so wrong with the way I am expressing my love for you when this is true?

Until The End Of Time

Until the end of time, my love for you will remain there, unmoving, constant, present always.