It Is Endless

Your smile is priceless. Like my love for you, it is endless.

Forever Be Attracted To You

You are the type of person who turn heads when you walk into the room, and I am the kind of person who walks in and walks out unnoticed. But somehow, we fit into each other’s personality. I guess, opposites do attract. I will forever be attracted to you.

Hand In Hand

Take my hand. We will face every tomorrow hand in hand.

A Happy Place

Most people buy you gifts, treat you to fancy dinner, take you somewhere elegant, but not me. I admit, I do not have those luxuries in life, but I do have a heart that can love you more than 100%. I may not be able to take you somewhere fancy, but I’ll make sure that wherever we are, it’s a happy place. I’ll make sure that you feel my love every minute of every day. That’s who I am.

More Than Perfect

There was a time in my life when I thought I will never find someone perfect for me. Then you came and you redefined “perfect” in my vocabulary, because baby, you are more than perfect for me.

You Are The Cutest

You are the cutest when you are angry, you are the sweetest when you are happy, but I won’t dare annoy you when you are hungry.

Always Be My Wish

You will always be my 11:11 wish, and I will dedicate all my fallen eye lashes just to wish that someday you and I will be together, in love with each other.

Our Happy Forever

The road to our happy forever will not be an easy path, but let us hold hands and draw strength from one another for us to last longer. I love you!