Even We Are Apart

I love you when we are together and funny thing is that it grows more even when we are apart.

Stay Up At Night

I will still remember the times that we catch each other’s stares. Now, I stay up at night just to look at your face while sleeping by my side.

No Sense Denying

I know that you knew I was in love with you since day one. There is no sense denying because my love for you comes out very strong.

The Girl I Love

I am in love with your clumsiness, your insecurities and your jealousy. I don’t see any faults when I look at you. All I see is the girl I love.

You Make My Life Happier

You make my life happier each day, even when I thought I couldn’t get any happier.

Creating Happy Memories

I don’t know if forever exists but I would like to spend each day of my life creating happy memories with you and no matter how short or long that forever is, I would still spend it with you.

Dull And Meaningless

If it weren’t for you, my life would be dull and meaningless. Now, I am happy to hold your hand and show the world that I am in love with someone like you.

Head Over Heels

I don’t know if my love for you will ever be a limit. I am head over heels fallen for you.