Love With You

95% of songs sing about love. Poems are mostly written about love. Most movies and novels talk about love. Love with you made me realize what the madness is all about.

That Mysterious Feeling

It has haunted me all minutes of my days since I met you – that mysterious feeling of floating and bliss mixed with electricity. I have searched Google for answers and I came up with nothing. So I guess it only explains one thing, it is the effects of love.

The Person You Love

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than looking into the soul of the person you love.

I Can See

In the beginning of all of this, I can see not you nor me, but us.

Deeper And Deeper

I am falling deeper and deeper and there is no escape. I don’t have a plan to save myself from drowning in love with you anyway.

The Fear Of Falling

Abandon your fear of falling. Give it try. It will be the best decision that you have ever made in your life.

The Greatest Discovery

The greatest discovery in life is discovering the magic of love.

The Recipe Of Love

You fall in love, you are in love and you fall out of love – that is the recipe of love.