Successful Marriages

Falling in love is the secret of successful marriages. It requires falling in love over and over to keep the love alive.

Your Hugs

Your hugs make me happy and crazy at the same time. I always look forward to seeing you every day.

Anyone But You

I don’t need anyone but you. Believe me, it’s true.

An Organized Person

I am an organized person – from my daily tasks to my groceries, a plan is always sketched inside my head. Meeting you is not part of any of it. You have pushed my thoughts into disarray and I don’t know where to start fixing this mess. I guess that’s what falling in love is all about. It comes when you are least prepared for it.

More Than Once

Falling in love more than once is impossible – until I met you.


Senses – I have lost them when I met you.

Forever And Always

Forever and always, that is my promise to you.

The Worst Nightmares

Your voice is like a lullaby that chases the worst nightmares of my life away.