That Familiar Feeling

I can never explain the happiness and that familiar feeling when I first met you. Something told me that you are going to be special. I guess I’m right.

Proud And Happy

People keep saying that I am so in love with you That’s exactly what I want the world to know because I am proud and happy that you are with me now.

We Sacrificed A Lot

We sacrificed a lot of things for each other. We fought a hard battle for our love and I would like you to know that I will keep fighting because you are worth it.

To See Your Face

I am excited to wake up every day to see your face that brightens and completes my day.

Hold My Heart

I do not care if you hold my hand or not, just as long as you hold my heart.

In This Cruel World

In this cruel world, our love makes me want to go on and makes my life worth living. I will always love you and stay by your side forever.

Always And Forever

Always and forever, that is how long we will stay in each other’s arms.

Without Your Love

I don’t know how will I ever survive without you. You are like the oxygen I breathe. I won’t last a few seconds without your love.