Music To My Soul

The sound of your angelic voice is a soothing music to my soul.

Keeping It For Good

I found your love when I needed it most and I don’t intend to lose it because I am keeping it for good.

One Of My Missions

One of my missions in my life is to be with you until our hair turns gray.

Crazy In Love With You

I am so crazy in love with you but you are also the reason why I am still sane. I love you sweetheart!

In My Arms

Having you in my arms is like holding the whole world.

I Will Protect You

I will protect you from any pain even if it will be the cause of mine. That’s how much I love you.

Worth The Wait

Thousand years are worth the wait when I finally found you.

Fulfilled And Accomplished

To love you for the remainder of my life is the goal I am most eager to be fulfilled and accomplished.