To Win Your Heart

To win your heart and call you mine is my grandest and most ambitious goal.

Understand Me Better

I wish that I can show you how real my love for you is so you get to understand me better.

Forever Be The Best

My love for you will forever be the best thing that has ever happened to me, nothing else.

No Turning Back

I want to love you like there is no turning back, burning with fevering passion and desire.

The Worst Choices

I guess my love for you do not have any boundaries, even when you make the worst choices.

Steady And Magical

Listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat is listening to how the world breathes – soft, steady and magical.

If Loving You Was wrong

If loving you was so wrong, then I would rather be wrong than right anymore.

Beyond The Limits

We love beyond the limits we think we have.