Let Us Fall Together

Let us forget about falling for each other, but let us fall together into love and happiness.

Love Cause

Love may cause insanity to people, love may cause sadness but love also causes happiness.

Every Meaning

You know every edge of his face, every meaning of every expression and that is when it is love.

After All The Years

Real love is that which can actually stand the test of time, even after all the years pass by.

If You Trust

If you trust a person so much, you trust them with your life, then girl, you love that person.

That Person

When you love someone, you become their best friend, their family, everyone to that person.

Someone To Keep

People are most alive when they are in love, when they have someone to keep in their hearts.

Free Yourself

Free yourself from the shackles of the past and focus on what is in front of you right now.