To Be Your Everyone

I want to be everyone for you, your best friend, your family and your lover.

Happy And Contented

You don’t need to do anything to make me happy and contented. Just knowing that you are with me already makes me so happy.

I Am Still Happy

No matter what problems we go through, I am still happy because we're on this together and I will never let go of your hand no matter what.

Loving And Understanding You

I chose to stay with you because I knew I will never get tired of loving and understanding you for the rest of my life.

I Love You So Much

I love you so much that I could never think of a day that my love for you will ever go away.

The Greatest Treasure

I would never exchange your love over any luxuries in life. Your love is the greatest treasure one could ever have.

Been Together For Years

We have been together for years but I still remember all the memories we spent together from day one. That’s because everything about you is important to me.

Even We Are Apart

I love you when we are together and funny thing is that it grows more even when we are apart.