Each And Every day With You

I love laughing with you until my stomach hurts. I love wrapping in your comfort when I’m at my weakest. I love each and every day with you.

You Are With Me

I don’t exactly know how it happened. I don’t really know how we started to love each other. But all that matters to me is that you are with me and that’s more than enough.

You Are The Medicine

You are the medicine to every pain I feel.

Not A Perfect Woman

I am not a perfect woman, but you still chose to love me perfectly. I am not the loveliest or the fairest, but you still call me beautiful every day. I am complex and sometimes clueless, but you chose to love me anyway. I love you.

The Owner Of My Love

You are my everything – the owner of my brimming love, the man who invades my every thoughts and the name my soul whispers in my every prayer.

We Love Each Other

We fight, we argue, we hate each other, we make fun of one another, we kiss and make up, we are a mess. But at the end of the day, one truth remains – we love each other to perpetuity.

Like A Scar

You’re like a scar. Painful but always worth it.

Beautiful Fate

Maybe our relationship is not meant to be, but you certainly are everything to me. Why don’t we try to be lovers and not mates? Regardless of what happened, I still believe in our love’s beautiful fate.