Love Is Uncontrollable

Love is uncontrollable, you do not know when it will come and how it will happen.

Drunk On Your Love

I love being drunk, I love being drunk on your love. I would never want to get sober if the alcohol is you.

My Feelings For You

You may not have noticed it but I did, I saw how my feelings for you grew slowly but surely.

The Moment You Came

What a surprise it was the moment that you came into my life and made me fall in love.

Passion And Obsession

True love is not without passion and obsession.

For A Long Time

If I did not know any better, I would have suspected you have loved me for a long time.

You Were The Love

It never occurred to me that you were the love that I was searching for all this time.

My Heart Has Been Broken

My heart has been broken for so many times, that I did not believe it was possible to mend until you came and did just that.