You Put Smile

You put the smile to my lips and make me laugh everyday and I love you for giving that to me.

Like A High Grade

Girls are like a high grade. You have to work hard to earn it.

You Are That Someone

You’re that someone I can’t be mad at no matter what you do. You're that someone who holds me tight.

You Make My Day

You make my day. Make me happy in every way. I'm cold tonight, please hold me tight. Kiss my lips and together we’ll sleep.

Waiting For The One

If you are waiting for the one who will truly love you, be calm, I just woke up.

Make The Best Out Of It

Keep the one you love, treasure them, care for them, and make happy memories with them while you can. You never know how long you will be together. Always make the best of it.

Love Is Like Fart

Love is like fart. Whatever you do it's hard to hide it. When released, everyone will know it, even if you don't confess.

Loving Someone Is Not A Crime

Loving someone is not a crime. When they ask if you love them admit it.