Knows Who To Love

A smart man knows how to love but a wise man knows who to love.

An Effort To Make You Happy

Not everyone will make an effort just to make you happy. Appreciate it when you find them.


Your effort is only for the person who will appreciate it.

God Gave The Right Person

If the time comes that God gives you the right person, remember to always take care and be there for them. God gave them to you for a purpose.

Be Kind And Love Me Too

My heart keeps pounding every time I see you, my heart keeps pounding and I want to love you. If you know this, Please be kind and love me too.

Loving A Girl

Loving a girl is like courting her everyday.

Long Distance

I have a long distance relationship our love doesn't change and still we love each other everyday,stronger than before.. I love him so much.. He is my life..

Like You And Flirt

The guys will act like they like you and flirt with you but they will never admit to it. The girls will act like they like you and flirt with you and admit to it.