My Boyfriend

You are my boyfriend because I don’t have plans of loving anyone else aside from you.

From Here On Forward

I cannot wait to be able to see you again, until then, I will think of you from here on forward.

Something About You

There is something about you that is so magical that I feel I am completely in an entirely different world because I am with you.

Why I Smile

You are the reason why I smile, I live and I exist. Please don’t leave and take it all away from me.

Be Next To Me

I love you so much that I couldn’t even sleep at night thinking of you. How I wish you’ll be next to me when I wake up.

My Better Half

I have found my better half, my mirror in everything I do, and that is you.

Our Good Times Together

Whatever it is that we go through, I will always remember our good times together and my love for you will never be erased.

The Man Of My Dreams

Since, we started as best friends, I couldn’t remember the exact day I fell in love with you. But I will always treasure you as my best friend and love you as the man of my dreams.