My Last Breath

If I can only say three words to you with my last breath, I will say – I love you.

No One Like You

There will be no one like you in my life even if I have to search every corner of my life.

Love Is Unpredictable

Love is unpredictable, it just happens so unexpectedly, so suddenly, without our control.

A Major Symptom

A major symptom of someone in love is loss of sleep because finally, your reality is better than your dreams.

The Love Of My Life

You have been in front of me all along that I never expected you were the love of my life.

Take Good Care

Take good care of the one you love. Some people dream of her, but never have a chance. Do not waste this opportunity, because her maybe the last.

Offering All Of Me

I am offering all of me to you, I am giving everything up, that is how deep my love for you is.

This Kind Of Love

People say that this kind of love lasts for a lifetime and they are right, I truly do love you.