Our Beautiful Relationship

I will never do anything that could destroy our beautiful relationship together. I know it’s not always about colorful rainbows but I’ll stay with you no matter what.

My Dream Guy

I never expected to meet my dream guy in real life. Then you came to me and said Hi.

Thinking About Us

I hate that I love you so much I can’t even do anything without you. I am busy thinking about us even when we’re together.

Unending Warmth

I want to be your sun, let my love for you shower you with unending warmth and brightness.

Test Of Time

I am not counting how long how we’ve been together because it feels like I have known you forever and our love has passed the test of time.

The Best Love

Someday, you will realize that my love for you is the best love that you could ever get.

I Don’t Own My Heart

It feels like I don’t own my heart any longer. Because you already own it. Please take care of my heart.

A Chance To Stay

If given a chance to stay in just one place forever, I would choose to stay wherever where you are so we could live happily ever after.