I Still Believe

I still believe that the way I love you can never compare to anybody else and that I am meant for you.

Keep On Going

Time will keep on going and earth will keep on revolving, but my love for you will remain.

All I Want

I don’t want to be rich or popular. All I want is to sleep and wake up each day with you.

Without You

Without you, I probably would not be where I am right now so I am thanking you for it.

Everyday You Realize

I hope that every day, you realize just how important you are to me, I love you so much.

A Perfect Match

We don’t have to be perfect in order to make our love story perfect. We just need to love each other so that we’ll be a perfect match.

Definition Of Love

People have different definition of what love is. Nobody can ever fully explain what love is. All I know is that whatever it is, that’s what I am feeling for you.

Our Love Is So Precious

Our love is so precious to me and I am afraid that one day, someone might take you away from me. If that happens. I’ll look you in the eyes and if she makes you happy, I’ll let go.