Love And Hope

Happiness, love and hope are things that I think about whenever I think of you.

A Day Without You

I could not last a day without you. I always imagine your face, your smile, your touch and your voice whenever I am away.

Unique Individuals

There will always be arguments because you and I are completely unique individuals who have different point of view. Funny how we try to work things out because of love.

Our Beautiful Relationship

I will never do anything that could destroy our beautiful relationship together. I know it’s not always about colorful rainbows but I’ll stay with you no matter what.

My Dream Guy

I never expected to meet my dream guy in real life. Then you came to me and said Hi.

Thinking About Us

I hate that I love you so much I can’t even do anything without you. I am busy thinking about us even when we’re together.

Unending Warmth

I want to be your sun, let my love for you shower you with unending warmth and brightness.

Test Of Time

I am not counting how long how we’ve been together because it feels like I have known you forever and our love has passed the test of time.